About Coach Fowler

Hi, I’m Coach Fowler.

I overcame childhood obesity, worked my way on to play collegiate softball, and then discovered multiple ways to gain and lose that weight along the way. I’m a former high school teacher and coach turned CEO/Head Honch of I Am Coach Fowler & (em)POWERHOUSE Gym in Oklahoma City, OK. I thrive on competition, lifting heavy weights, swinging kettlebells, creating a team platform, and motivating others.

I remember always being the big girl. I topped out at 240lbs during my senior year in high school. I was never a star athlete, but with some athleticism, work ethic, and many hours spent hitting on a tee, I earned a college softball scholarship with a first class ticket to Texas. It was then, at age 18, that I started my weight loss journey.

Once I walked onto the college campus my activity level was forever changed. I discovered monster miles, distance sprints, and other scary, scary things. The obvious change in my everyday activity helped me drop nearly 40lbs my freshman year of college.

After college I discovered marathon running. I’ve completed several half marathons and three full marathons, and I adopted the mentality of “I run so that I can eat whatever I want!” I was running 26.2 miles and inhaling processed carbs at a rate faster than a mechanical bull can move.

Life changed for me in 2014. At age 30 I discovered that nutrition is where physique can be found. My transformation, both physically and mentally, has allowed me the opportunity to share with you the so many crazy, awesome things that I’ve learned along the way. I went to some pretty extreme measures on the nutrition side of things white knuckling my way through competition challenges, but I now carry a moderate approach on all things related to nutrition, movement, and mindset. I’ve found that extremes (on both ends of the spectrum) are NOT the healthy approach. Extremes have a short shelf life, and it’s my goal to work on changing the mindset and behavior of those around me in order to help them achieve a healthier lifestyle.

I’ve been surrounded by so many inspirational peeps throughout this adventure, and they are completely responsible for giving me the courage to bring my dreams to fruition.

I now own and operate my own strength studio, (em)POWERHOUSE Gym, in the north Oklahoma City metro. I am a certified personal trainer through NASM, and I have a B.S. in Business from the University of North Texas and a M.Ed. in Educational Leadership from the University of Central Oklahoma. I’m currently training for my kettlebell certification. I get to throw tennis balls to 2 of the quirkiest dogs out there. Mimosas are my favorite. Brunch is my second favorite.